tiff via snapchat and instagram stories

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Why ephemeral storytelling?

The Globe experimented with Snapchat and Instagram stories as part of our TIFF coverage for 2016.

I was impressed by what NPR and New York Times had achieved with Snapchat during the Olympics. Their daily stories took me behind the scenes and through Rio, giving me the sense what it was like on the ground. Reporters weren't permitted to film events, so they took us with them as they trekked across the Olympic grounds, ate traditional Brazilian food, melted in the heat. I wanted to apply some of their lessons to our product. 

Our TIFF experiment was fairly successful, with each story garnering several thousand views. Our Instagram following also grew at a quicker rate in September. I edited a few of the days together for in-office training. You can watch them below. 


  • These platforms are ideal for taking your audience behind the scenes. Make sure the content makes sense for the platform. Take people somewhere. Show them something they wouldn't be able to see without you. 
  • Consider editing your Snaps/Stories in FinalCut before publishing. Yes, it adds time and can take away from the spontaneity of the platform, but it improve the overall aesthetic and clarity of your story. My first two days were shot and build exclusively in app. I started editing content in FinalCut later in the week and the effect is a cleaner product that is better aligned with our brand.
  • Celebrity takeovers can be a great way to switch up your content during multi-day events. The day 5 takeover by the creators of "Gods Acre" added a level of humour that I could never bring on my own. Making sure your guest understands your brand and goals is the most important thing to keep in mind when planning your own takeover.